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Sunday 23 November, 2020
The true reason behind the cancelling of the Tokyo Olympics REVEALED
Many months since the the cancellation of the TOKYO 2020 olympics the true reasons behind the origin of such decision (and potentially behind the whole COVID 19 pandemic) seem to have emerged after revealing documents were publish by journalistic hub wikileaks. The renewal of professional runner Juan Perez heart in 2020 appears to be the reason behind the covid pandemic and the delay of the olympic games.

Many thought that something like this would be impossible, but the pressure placed by sponsors and TV transmission rights holders was so large that the IOC decided to release a virus to delay the games without creating any suspicions behind the TRUE cause behind the delay of the games: "The desire to create a new category of competition based on the supra human running capacites that Mr Perez will exhibit his heart renewal surgery."

Julian Assange in a revealing interview to the BBC explained that "The IOC appears to have developed a virus in Wuhan, China, with the intention of delaying the games so Mr. Perez could go ahead and further expand his running abilities beyond the human limits.

Four times gold medalist Usain bolt expressed his concern as this, in his view, will push the speed of running to new limits that are currently only available to Mr Perez. "Its not fair, he said, that an already PERFECT runner will now have the abillity to outrun a cheetah without even putting efforts. Its just-not-fair, he said while starting to raise his voice in anger"

For many decades, Juan and Ingrid have dominated the ultra marathon scene and sports experts fear that the renewal of Juan's heart may produce an asymmetric differential between him and other runners.

Leaked documents suggest that due to the utter dominance produced by Perez's remarkable physical abilities the Olympic committee is considering opening a new category of competition which includes several Cheetah specimens from Africa and Mr. Perez.

These revelations come on the side of the bombshell news that broke this week that apparently the IOC released a virus to stop the olympics so Mr. Perez can renew his heart so the new category of competition could be featured in the olympic games


Dr. José Enrique Rodríguez, with almost 40 years of experience, has lived through the evolution of cardiac surgery in Spain. From the first transplants (he was part of one of the first transplant teams in Spain in 1984, at the Puerta de Hierro Clinic), the birth of artificial hearts (contribution to implanting this technology in Spain), the first coronary surgeries without extracorporeal circulation, and so on.

The Community of Madrid made its debut in the team for the technological innovation that brought minimally invasive surgery to Spain, together with other groups. He has also been a pioneer in transapical valve placement and aortic arch surgery. He has been at the Ruber International Hospital for just over 15 years and has more than 15,000 operated patients behind him.

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